All about the SimHub program for SimRacing

All about the SimHub program for SimRacing

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The SimHub program is a nice tool for sim racers as it adds an external hardware to further the immersion in your favorite sim racing games. It is totally free which is great. One of the main purposes for getting it is due to its ability to mimic the dashboard or instrument cluster of an actual car. It has wide compatibility and supports many games that pack a lot of useful features for a truly immersive experience.

What is the SimHub program?

The SimHub program is a free piece of software sim racing enthusiasts can download on their computer or mobile device to act as a simulated dashboard in their racing rig or cockpit. It was developed by Wotever and has enjoyed a strong and knowledgeable community because of its top-notch quality. While SimHub is free for everyone to download, it’s highly recommended to apply for a licensing agreement with a fee for extra perks. This includes full functionality of the product as well as 24/7 assistance for beginners which is a nice addition if you’re new to sim racing games.

The wide range of customization within the app is why it’s one of the most sought out software within the sim racing community. Getting a license fee also helps support the developers to continue updating this powerful software.

What can I do with SimHub?

The SimHub program lets you download or create your own dashboards for use on your favorite sim racing games. It works on a separate monitor, mobile device, tablet, and more. Having a licensed SimHub makes it possible to increase the display’s default 10 FPS to 60 FPS with no nagging pop-up screens making it an ideal choice for gamers who love racing games.

In addition, SimHub can also activate bass shakers so that you can feel the tires on the road while sitting in your cockpit. You can also set up a wind simulator so that you’ll feel the wind when playing F1 games like actual F1 drivers. Not only that, you can also use a realistic button box instead of the standard keyboard keys as it allows you to add external hardware to your racing simulator.

All of these are possible thanks to compatibility with a lot of secondary digital screens as well as Arduino displays to provide gamers with realistic hardware to display game data and have devices capable of providing tactile feedback to elevate your gameplay to the next level.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a large range of inexpensive open-source electronic products capable of reading or displaying data for your sim racing cockpit. They’re essentially small computers and these devices allow you to link the SimHub software and customize automotive gauges and other instruments that are otherwise not available on the screen. Arduino lets you add LCD displays to show game data, rumble motors to make you feel the bumps on the road, and wind to make you feel like you’re really driving outside. Arduino also allows you to have a wide range of button clusters like in the dashboard of an actual car.

Arduino boards are usually cheaper when compared to other microcontroller platforms on the market and support for newer hardware is constantly being added by the SimHub team making them a great partner when setting up your racing rig.

How do I install SimHub as a dedicated dashboard?

The SimHub desktop client is only currently available for Windows 7 OS and above. This means that Mac users will not be able to enjoy the program as well as older devices. Simply download the client on SimHub’s website: and run the files through your computer’s installation wizard. Once you’ve agreed to the software license agreement, complete the next steps until setup is complete. Launch the app to start setting up individual games to enjoy another layer of immersion on your favorite sim racing games.

It’s also possible to set up SimHub on a mobile device if you do not have a secondary monitor available. SimHub recommends Android devices to be running Android 5.0 or higher while iOS users should have the latest version available. For the software to function as intended, your mobile device must be connected to the same LAN as it will not function outside your local area network.

Once SimHub is installed on your computer, proceed to the “Dash Studio” section and find and choose “Open in phone or tablet”. It will generate a QR code and an alternative IP address for you to link your mobile device to the software. Select your preferred dashboard-style from the available list with an option to go full screen. Once that’s done, go back to the desktop app and select “OK” at the bottom and locate the “Games” tab to start your racing game within the menu. Once your racing game has launched, refresh the dash device browser on your mobile device to start playing right away.

What are supported games by SimHub?

SimHub supports a lot of current and next-gen games that still grow with time. While certain data and features may be inaccessible in some games, the scope of customization is still worth it and can be very useful regardless. The list of supported games is available on their website: and some of the popular titles are Assetto Corsa series, Dirt series, F1 series, Simulator Series of games (Euro Truck, Farming, Tourist, etc.), Forza series, GTR series, iRacing, Nascar series, Project Cars series, WRC series, and more.

SimHub surprisingly works not just for sim racing games but for other competitive games like War Thunder, CS: GO, Dota 2, and others.

What are tips for first-time or veteran sim racing dashboard users?

If you’re using a mobile device as a dedicated dashboard for SimHub, it’s recommended to keep the dashboard open as a tab so you don’t have to constantly reconnect when you want to race. Using the full-screen function is also more immersive so getting a phone holder or mount is ideal so that the screen will always stay in your field of vision. If the software seems to be malfunctioning for some reason, make sure it says that the app is “game connected” on the SimHub window in-game as a reminder.

If all else fails, the SimHub technical support is available 24/7 via the community discord server so you can always ask for help. Getting a premium license also improves the overall performance of the software so we highly recommend for you to do so not only to upgrade but also to support the developers.

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