Top 10 Best Gloves for Sim Racing in 2023

Top 10 Best Gloves for Sim Racing in 2023

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Sim racing is that kind of video game where realism is of utmost priority. As such, a lot of gamers strive to have a complete setup like having a dedicated cockpit, steering wheel, pedals, and other accessories to bring immersion to the next level. An often forgotten part of the overall sim racing setup is the humble pair of gloves. Although entirely optional, they’re still essential to keep your hands protected during long racing sessions which is why we’ve provided 10 of the best sim racing gloves you can buy right now to elevate your sim racing gameplay to its highest.

100% HYDROMATIC Brisker Cold Weather Motocross Gloves

100% HYDROMATIC BRISKER Cold Weather Motocross and Snowmobile Gloves - Warm Water...
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Since there are some gamers that play in cold gaming rooms, the 100% HYROMATIC brisker cold weather motocross gloves are a good alternative to gaming rooms with cold temps. It’s fitted with an insulated soft-shell top to ensure protection in the cold with an extended waterproof neoprene pull-on cuff for more coverage. The gloves have an ultra-lightweight chassis for added flexibility as you hold the wheels. It’s also equipped with tech threads so that you can use your mobile devices without removing the gloves.

This protective peripheral is available in two color variations in black and blue so you can choose the best style for your personality and preference. It’s one of the mid-ranged gloves on the list making it an ideal choice for casual and veteran sim racers who like playing in the cold.

SOLO QUEEN Sim-Racing Gloves

SOLO QUEEN Sim-Racing Gloves for Simulator Steering Wheel Games and Karting Glove (Yellow,...
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The SOLO QUEEN sim-racing gloves are made from a durable synthetic material consisting of 40% leather, 25% elastane, 15% neoprene, 10% PVC rubber, and 10% lycra. The overall construction of the gloves is ideal for sim racers to protect their fingers and palm from long hours of gaming. This sim-racing glove also makes your hands more comfortable as you race because of its suitability to a lot of steering wheels available on the market today.

The peripheral is available in various sizes so that you can choose which size best fits your hand. The gloves are available in 3 color-ways such as orange, red, and yellow so you can select which one best fits your personality and driving style. It’s really affordable and has high ratings and positive customer reviews online making it one of our picks for the best sim racing gloves you can use right now.

K1 Race Gear RS1 Reverse Stitch Kart Racing Gloves

K1 Race Gear RS1 Reverse Stitch Kart Racing Gloves (Red/Black, X-Large) - 13-RS1-R-XL
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A lot of gamers recommend Kart racing gloves as their go-to peripheral when it comes to playing sim racing games. The K1 race gear RS1 reverse stitch kart racing gloves certainly fit the bill due to their comfortable feel. It’s constructed with vetted fingers for maximum comfort and breathability to keep your hands dry even when playing for long hours. The gloves are also reverse stitched with a padded leather palm for additional grip on the wheel so you’ll stay in control even during intense situations.

It’s equipped with abrasion-resistant fabric as an added feature to keep you focused on the race more. The gloves are available in a lot of color combinations and have selections from junior to adult sizes making it one of the perfect gloves for sim racers of all ages.

Sibertron Full Finger Padded Gloves

Seibertron Full Finger Padded Palm Lightweight Breathable Climbing Rope Gloves for...
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While the Sibertron full-finger padded lightweight gloves are primarily made for rock climbing, sailing, adventure, and outdoor activities, its exceptional grip makes it one of our top choices if you’re looking for gloves for your sim racing needs due to this fact. The gloves are made with neoprene material on the knuckle part for excellent breathability and anti-impact protection which translates well when your hands are on the steering wheel.

The double-kevlar threads stitching as well as SBR padding on the palm adds durability as well as vibration and abrasion resistance. The gaps between the finger joints meanwhile increase your dexterity at the wheel when your fingers are bending to keep you in control of the vehicle during intense racing situations. The gloves are available from X-small all the way up to XX-large to accommodate a lot of hand sizes of all sim racing enthusiasts.

Cuircon SFI-3.3/5 Racing Nomex Double Layer Driving Gloves

Auto Racing Multi Layer Nomex Skeleton Gloves - Black Glove with Skeleton/Skull Bones...
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The Cuircon double-layer driving gloves are the ideal partner for sim racers who like playing NASCAR, Rally, and driving games with a considerable amount of drifting involved. The gloves are primarily made from soft goat suede and shiny nomex material with a silicon palm design for maximum grip when on the wheel. It also has reverse seams and a graphical finish of printed skeleton bones to add a menacing look to your overall get-up.

The gloves are available in a lot of sizes starting from X-Small all the way up to XX-Large making this an ideal glove for sim racers of all sizes. It’s one of the mid-tier items on the list so beginners, casuals, and even veteran racers will definitely enjoy using these gloves as part of their sim racing equipment.

QEPAE Unisex Breathable Cycling Full Finger Gloves

QEPAE Unisex Breathable Cycling Full Finger Gloves Non-Slip Auto Racing Gloves for Biking...
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For sim racers that find it hard to play with thick gloves, the QEPAE full finger gloves are made from a thinner material to make it easy for you to stay in control of the wheel when playing your favorite sim racing games. It’s made primarily from microfiber cloth, lycra fabric, and silicon. The palms are padded with a highly elastic SBR mat to effectively reduce the forces from your grips to keep your palms from feeling hurt when you play for long hours.

The breathable design makes it more comfortable to use during intense gaming sessions as it keeps your palms dry and clean. There’s a buckle adjustment for you to modify the tightness as you like for more movements from the joints and wrist. Lastly, you can also use the gloves for cycling, riding, and other sports when you’re not playing sim racing games making this a highly versatile product.

JILIER Mountain Bike Gloves

Mountain Bike Gloves Thicken SBR Pads Knuckle Protection,Dirt Bike Gloves Anti-skid...
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Another cheap and affordable sim racing glove for your racing games is this pair of mountain bike gloves by JILIER. It’s mostly used for a wide range of applications such as cycling, riding dirt bikes, motorcycles, driving, running, shoveling, hiking, and more. In addition, it can also be used for simulation racing games making it an ideal choice for beginners and casual gamers alike as you can game and do other things with these gloves.

The thumb of this bike glove is made with polyester fabric that absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It’s soft, comfortable, and you can wipe sweat at any time during long gaming sessions to keep you dry. The gloves are also fitted with a highly sensitive conductive fabric on the thumb and index finger so you can use your mobile devices without taking the gloves off.

MOMO Corsa R Racing Gloves

MOMO Corsa R Racing Gloves - Black - Size 9 - Part # GUCORSABLK09
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Are you ready to bring your sim racing experience to the next level? Then the MOMO Corsa R racing gloves are definitely the gloves you need for all your sim racing gameplay moments. The gloves are all custom handcrafted with an outside stitch with pressure points and abrasion resistance material in a one-piece palm construction to eliminate any friction-causing seams. The pre-curved patterning of the gloves reduces fabric bunching while the zigzag gauntlet closure makes the gloves stay in place even when you’re playing for long hours

The MOMO Corsa R racing gloves are also treated with fire retardant tactile treatment to provide you with a superior steering wheel grip regardless of the type of cover your gaming wheel has. Be prepared to spend quite a few with these gloves though as it’s one of the most expensive gaming gloves you can buy but it’s definitely worth the price.

Riparo Motorsports Fingerless Driving Gloves

Riparo Motorsports Men's Fingerless Half Finger Driving Fitness Motorcycle Cycling Unlined...
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Since all gamers are not comfortable with wearing full gloves due to anxiety and personal preference, the Riparo Motorsports half-finger driving gloves is a great option for you if you’re looking for an alternative. The gloves are primarily made from leather and are fitted with a lot of breathable holes in the fingers and knuckles to keep your hands cool and dry when you’re playing your favorite sim racing games.

It’s equipped with a snap closure on the wrist strap with a snap button to ensure your glove stays tight as you play. It’s recommended to get the gloves one size up if you want a more loose fit. The sizes are available from XX-Small all the way up to 3X-large to accommodate a lot of hand sizes. The gloves are also available in up to 10 colors so you can definitely choose the style you want in order to fit your style and personality.

YHT Workout Gloves

YHT Workout Gloves, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip, Gym Gloves for Weight Lifting,...
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The YHT workout gloves are made from deer split leather that provides excellent breathability and comfortability. It also has anti-skid properties making this an ideal glove not just for working out but also for playing sim racing games. The gloves keep your hands cool while creating a solid grip on the steering wheel to let you stay in control in all kinds of situations. It also has full padding protection on all contact areas to minimize discomfort and maximize your overall efficiency at the wheel.

The high flexibility of the YHT gloves avoids improper wearing due to wrong size selection. It fits with your hand shape as the gel palm grips lines on your hands for a more personalized fit. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about using your mobile devices when wearing the gloves as it has touch screen material on the fingers so you can use your phones, iPad’s, and other touch screen devices even with the gloves on.

Buying Guide


Just like any other gaming peripheral, sim racing gloves can be expensive depending on the brand that you want. There are gloves that you can get for as low as $25 if you’re on a budget and some of the priciest ones can go as high as $200. Ultimately, your choice of gloves is down to your personal preference. They’re still optional so your in-game performance shouldn’t have an issue whether you get one or not.

Glove Material and Thickness

The overall thickness and the material that’s used on your gloves are important as using thicker gloves will definitely make your gameplay clunky. Using a thinner glove meanwhile isn’t built for rugged use but they’re more breathable and lightweight. Road gloves are some of the toughest gloves to use for sim racing while cycling gloves are the thinnest so select the better fit based on your personality as well as driving style.

Ease of Use

If you’re a beginner or a casual sim racer, then gloves that don’t do too much can be enough for your gameplay. For hardcore or professional sim racers. Meanwhile, investing in a high-quality pair of gloves is essential. A lot of veteran racers attest to the quality of karting gear as they’re the ones that are often recommended. For newbies, cycling gloves should be good.

Racing Cockpit Setup

Your sim racing gloves will also depend on the type of racing setup you have in your gaming room. If your steering wheel is fitted with a rubber or leather grip, then you’ll have a broader range of glove types to choose from. If your gaming wheel is made from plastic meanwhile, then getting a glove with a rubber grip should improve your overall traction. Gloves also protect your hands from blisters due to repeated contact with the steering wheel so getting a pair still has its own benefits.


Are gloves really required for sim racing?

Wearing gloves is entirely optional when playing sim racing games. They give a slight advantage when it comes to immersion and performance and they also have the added benefit of preventing accidental damage to your steering wheel. They also protect you from rashes when you’re playing for long hours. Although optional, it’s still recommended to wear gloves when playing sim racing games as they also increase the fun factor.

How do you measure your glove size?

It’s very easy to measure your hands to determine your gloves for sim racing. All you have to do is use a tape measure to measure the circumference of both your left and right hand. Not including the thumb, use the larger hand to select your correct glove size.

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