Best Shoes for Sim Racing

Best Shoes for Sim Racing

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With a realistic sim racing setup, your feet may begin to hurt or blister if you play barefoot or in socks. We have therefore produced a list of the finest sim racing shoes you can buy right now so you can play your best comfortably. These shoes will increase the pedal resistance to the most realistic levels. In this article, we therefore feature excellent sim racing shoe options that will help you immerse yourself further in the fascinating world of sim racing.

Alpinestars 25156181319 Sektor Vented Shoes

Alpinestars 25156181319 Sektor Vented Shoes - Black/Gray/Red - 9
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First off this list is this Alpinestars pair, which has unedited 3D dimensional ankle protection for a better fit and reduced weight. Its original speed lacing system was inspired by car racing shoes. Naturally, this allows for a more customized fit and feel. The ankle hook and loop strap ensures a snug fit and is flush with the top ankle polymer protective panel for a streamlined appearance suited for the best sim racing driver.

The upper is made of microfibre, which is lightweight, sturdy, and abrasion-resistant. An external TPR toe reinforcement provides abrasion resistance and increased stability. Overall, this pair is really comfy, light, and keeps your feet cool in the heat.

RaceQuip 30500110 Euro Carbon-L Series

RaceQuip 30500110 Euro Carbon-L Series Size 11.0 Black SFI 3.3/5 Racing Shoes
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The RaceQuip Euro Carbon-L Racing Shoe includes all of the characteristics you’d find in a much more expensive shoe. Durable construction characteristics including a reinforced lace region and double-stitched seams are incorporated in this new lightweight flexible design. While sim driving, the high-traction molded rubber sole rolls up the rear of the shoe to give additional support for your heel. Carbon-L wear pads have been added to both sides of the toe for improved protection and durability in high-heat or high-wear zones. Moreover, these shoes have a soft suede leather outer layer with contrasting stitching and European styling to give them a distinctive appearance.

The Pyrovatex lining is flame-retardant and features extra cushioning at the ankles as well as built-in arch supports. RaceQuip’s innovative Achilles flex slot in the rear is also used to allow for effortless foot extension. The RaceQuip Euro Caron-L racing shoe is 30% lighter than a traditional racing shoe. This shoe’s design achieves the ideal balance of low weight, durability, comfort, and pedal sensation.

Simpson men’s High-top

SIMPSON Racing 28105BL The Hightop Blue Size 10-1/2 SFI Approved Driving Shoes
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These Simpson men’s shoes are a terrific value for the money and are comfortable enough for your sim racing needs. The sole material is of a tougher compound, which may cause the heel to slide a bit on the mat surrounding the pedals.
Regardless, the quality is good for the price. The laces are sticky and won’t come undone easily to ensure a snug fit as you race. The velcro straps let you adjust the upper ankle pressure. While the pair is not exactly something that you can call attractive, it does its intended purpose as a wonderful boot for driving a sim racing vehicle.

HEROBIKER Motorcycle Combat Boots

HEROBIKER Motorcycle Combat Boots Racing Hiking Outdoor Work Mid Ankle Shoes for Men Black
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If you think you can’t use motorcycle boots for sim racing, then think again. This pair utilizes genuine cow suede leather and BK mesh fabric on the upper. The said material is very wear-resistant and provides exceptional comfort and flexibility. On lengthy racing sessions, the mesh lining keeps your feet dry and comfy.

The use of two closing mechanisms, hook and loop, and laces, ensures a pleasant and secure fit. The toe cap, heel, and ankles have been reinforced to give exceptional support and security. The natural rubber sole provides a superb non-slip grip and natural flex. Additionally, perfect grip and handling are permitted. Finally, the pair comes in a variety of hues so you can easily choose one that suits your style.

RaceQuip 30300110 Race Shoe

RaceQuip 30300110 Size 11 Black SFI 3.3/5 Race Shoe
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The RaceQuip SFI Race Shoe is a fantastic deal. A supple suede leather exterior layer is combined with a flame retardant Pyrovatex inner and cushioned ankles in these shoes. The rear of the shoe’s distinctive Achilles flex area enables simple foot extension for full-throttle activity. A reinforced lace region, double-stitched seams, and a molded rubber sole that rolls up the rear of the shoe to give additional support for your heel when driving are all part of the robust construction.

RaceQuip car racing shoes are sized similarly to other sports shoes, with the exception that the exterior of the shoe around the toe is a bit narrower to allow for pedal space in the foot box, so it is better to size up one half or full size from your regular size. RaceQuip driving shoes include a suede leather exterior that stretches to conform to your foot after two or three days of wear. If required, you may remove the insole from either of the RaceQuip shoes as a final attempt to make additional space. They won’t be as comfy to walk about in, but they’ll provide your foot with greater height and breadth within the shoe for a total racing experience.

PUMA Unisex-Adult Ferrari Drift Cat Delta Sneaker

PUMA Unisex Ferrari Drift Cat Delta Sneaker, Rosso Corsa BLA, 5.5 US Men
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Drift Cat, an all-time classic, is being reimagined with this iteration of the famous PUMA racing shoe. This design, which is inspired by the future of racing vehicles and technology, blends elegant and futuristic elements while remaining timeless. As a signature heel component, Drift Cat Delta has additional skins and accents in a dynamic upper so you can race in style.

Sparco s00125944nrce Gamma KB-4 Loot

Sparco s00125944nrce Gamma KB-4 Loot, Black/Blue, Size 44
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Featured last on this list, this Sparco Gamma Kart Button kb-4 is made of high-quality, breathable microfiber tissue. The top fabric, a microfibre 3D synthetic, is very breathable and resistant to wear. Inserts are made of suede, with the inner lining being breathable. Heel shock absorption allows for maximum comfort, perfect for your hours of sim racing sessions. The asymmetrical sole of the Booty Gamma kb-4 is meant to bolster the outer side section of the tip and the rear inner side support portions during sim driving.

Buying Guide


The most crucial factor to consider when purchasing shoes is comfort. After all, if your feet are tight, hot, or loose in your shoes, your focus will be diverted from the job at hand – and in a sport where tenths of a second may be the difference between first and second place, you simply cannot afford to skimp on comfort.

However, when it comes to sim racing shoes in particular, distinct aspects of the shoe will play a larger or smaller role than in regular shoes. The main distinction is that your racing boot will be utilized as a tool for your feet to help them attain the best degree of control over your racing rig’s pedals, rather than for walking, standing, or running.


Real-world drivers and simulation racers agree that you should acquire racing shoes that are the same size as other sports shoes you could wear – generally one full size bigger than dress or casual shoes. There is one big limitation, though: racing shoes are both narrower and supposed to be laced tighter than most other sporting shoes.

This implies that if you like to wear your athletic shoes loosely fastened, or if your dress shoe size and athletic shoe size are the same, racing shoes that fit your dress shoe size are a better option. It’s difficult to determine with certainty what size you’ll need, particularly if this is your first pair of racing boots.

This factor emphasizes the importance of obtaining your racing shoes from a reputable vendor with a flexible return policy! Don’t be afraid to switch sizes or shoes if you get a strong feeling that your new shoes aren’t ready for the fast lane after breaking them in. Again, don’t put yourself through the agony of wearing ill-fitting racing shoes!


Grip is both necessary for comfort. Due to the manner racers will be utilizing them, racing shoes are noticeably more grippy than almost any other kind of shoe. Remarkable sim car control necessitates drivers’ feet stopping on a dime and enacting surgical strikes on each of the three pedals with great frequency and consistency, which can’t happen if your heel can’t easily root itself to the pedal plate.

Your racing shoes will feel more like socks than a typical shoe when it comes to pedal sensation, which is designed to help you feel more connected to your virtual mechanical horse so you can use muscle memory as much as possible to shift, stop, and throttle with your hands. Flawless grip is the underlying premise of consistently reaching that aim.


It may go without saying, but if you haven’t already considered it, you’ll be abusing these sneakers to no end. Fortunately for us, racing boots are built to handle the rigors of sim racing. Keep in mind, however, that racing shoes are created specifically to resist the kind of trauma that is common in motorsports. While these goods can certainly take a jog around the block or a trip to the mall, they will not be as comfortable, nor will they last as long if worn in this manner. There are a variety of reasons why racing shoes aren’t ideal for regular jogging, but the essential point to remember is that these shoes only have one focus — the fast track!


While it’s easy to sacrifice function for the sake of style, racing shoes are one of the last product categories where we’d recommend doing so. After all, you’re looking for a purpose-built, enthusiast-grade product, so concentrate on what the shoes do first – then, if you discover a few pairs that match your demands, choose the one that looks the best.

There are several examples online, mostly from sim racing fan forums and other sites, of racers who elected to go right into an hour-long session with their spanking new sim gear without first changing into more ergonomic footwear. Blisters, corns, sprains, and rips are all mentioned in these cautionary stories. Take your gear purchasing carefully if you want to spend more time on the track than in the pits, and make sure you don’t choose flash over flex.


By now, we should have established without a shadow of a doubt that extreme comfort is essential when it comes to racing shoes. To put it as clearly as possible, if you aren’t focused on having the correct sim racing shoes, you may as well race in your socks. Now, we have some good news for those who have followed our recommendations up to this point: in the sim racing shoe industry, comfort and pricing are not mutually incompatible. Naturally, the more costly shoes and boots have significant benefits over their less expensive counterparts.


Is it possible to play racing games barefoot?

Racing games may be played barefoot. If you have high-quality pedals, though, your feet may begin to blister or cramp. This is because numerous pedals push back on you, giving the impression of driving a genuine sports car.

What are the advantages of wearing sim racing shoes?

Sim racing shoes enable you to not only play for longer periods but also to customize your pedals to look like genuine ones. Furthermore, a decent pair of shoes will keep you safe from accidents, let you immerse yourself deeper in the game, and provide you with a superior grip for a longer amount of time.

What should I wear for sim racing?

Shoes/socks and gloves are the most often utilized gear by sim racers. The key reason is performance and, most importantly, comfort.

Should you use gloves while sim racing?

Gloves protect the driver’s hands from blisters and permit a greater grip, so you don’t have to use as much energy to keep the kart under control. As such, it is ideal to wear gloves, especially for your long sim racing gaming sessions.

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