Top 10 Best Sim Racing Cockpits/Rigs of 2023

Top 10 Best Sim Racing Cockpits/Rigs of 2023

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Building your own rig has become so much more prevalent these days due to video game developers releasing incredibly realistic racing games. Gone are the controllers and keyboards that control your car’s movement as it has never been easier to set up your own virtual cockpit. It’s simply the best time to get one for your favorite games. For racing fans, now is the time to invest in your own steering wheel, pedals, and racing cockpit in order to enjoy the ultimate driving experience. In this list, we’ve provided ten of the best sim racing cockpits available right now to help you unleash your racing skills.

Rennsport Cockpit V2

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The Rennsport Cockpit V2 by Fanatec brings you the thrill of all your favorite racing games at the comforts of your own home. The V2 improves all the essential features of its previous iteration with twice the performance and triple the fun. The stability and adjustability of this new cockpit significantly change everything to enhance your racing experience. The construction frame also lets you choose from a wide selection of seats and accessories to make your seat the way you want it. It’s also surrounded by a roll cage for ease of use and durability to give you the feeling of being inside a real race car. The Rennsport cockpit is engineered to be easy to assemble so that you can race in no time.

It’s compatible with most racing devices on the market right now so you can always upgrade as you go. Single monitor or triple monitor stands work just as well when mounted on this cockpit. The surface finish also has a special powder coating to provide extra resistance. There are a plethora of adjustments you can do to get your best driving position so you’re always comfortable when playing your racing games. This cockpit by Fanatec is one of the more premium racing peripherals you’ll find online so it’s a bit pricey for beginners. This shouldn’t be a deterrent for everyone but it’s recommended for hardcore gamers who wish to upgrade their cockpits to the next level.

OpenWheeler GEN3 Racing Cockpit

OpenWheeler GEN3 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit Orange on Black | Fits All Logitech G923 | G29...
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The OpenWheeler cockpit is their 3rd generation racing seat for use on the latest sim racing games across multiple consoles. It’s fully compatible with PS4, and Sony’s latest console PS5, as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. It’s one of the most versatile cockpits on the market due to its compact size and highly adjustable seats. You can sit upright for Rally and low if you’re playing F1, or whatever position you feel comfortable in when racing. The wheel, pedal, and gear shifter platforms are pre-drilled and support many third-party products. The length is perfect for gamers between 4 to 6.6 feet in height and works well for racing and even flight simulator games.

The GEN3 is a great buy for a lot of gamers looking for a racing cockpit because all mounting tools are already included in the package. The gear shifter mount can also be placed either on the left or right-hand side depending on the gamer’s preference. The tools are easy to assemble and compatible with major brands like Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Logitech. Everything is ready for racers to immediately play right out of the box as assembly is a breeze because of the beginner-friendly setup. Lastly, this OpenWheeler cockpit is designed, assembled, and packaged in the USA ensuring its construction is made with care and quality in mind. It’s the stamp of approval a lot of gamers are looking for when it comes to their gaming investments.

Next Level Racing GT Lite Foldable Racing Cockpit

Next Level Racing GT Lite Foldable Simulator Cockpit (NLR-S021)
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This foldable racing cockpit by Next Level Racing is perfect for beginners and pro racing gamers that have limited space to play their games. This cockpit allows racers a realistic and rigid solution without sacrificing overall experience. It’s not difficult to set up and allows players to store it without fuss due to its easy folding functionality when not in use. This hub can withstand up to 300lbs of force so that gamers can have a solid racing position. The GT Lite is also pre-drilled so the wheels, pedals, and gear shifters, as well as other electronics, can be mounted and adjustable according to the user’s preference. It’s compatible with most major brands like Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and more.

Due to its innovative portability, you can take your racing setup from room to room when needed unlike other large and heavy racing cockpits that take effort to move. Bringing it over to a friend’s house is also possible since it is light enough to be carried and placed in a car. Overall, this racing cockpit is one of the best foldable racing chairs available right now. The durability is top-notch and it doesn’t shake even during intense gaming situations. Getting in and out of the racing chair is also a breeze even for tall gamers. It’s definitely a bargain for everyone due to its affordable price point where everyone can enjoy lifelike racing experiences even at home.

Next Level Racing F-GT Racing Cockpit

Next Level Racing F-GT Racing Simulator Cockpit. Formula and GT racing simulator cockpit...
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The F-GT Racing cockpit by Next Level Racing is another revolutionary racing chair coming from the same manufacturer of the foldable GT Lite. This cockpit was used by the Real Esport team during the GTR Endurance eRacing World Championship to win the title. The design is rigid and durable allowing for maximum adjustability which is why a lot of pro-gamers choose this rig for their home systems. The dual position cockpit with unique GT bars lets you experience incredible forms of racing. Racers aren’t limited to just one racing position anymore because of the design and can play however they want. You can maneuver the wheels, pedals, as well as the gear shifter to get to a comfortable position as you race. The support on the steering wheel is solid enough to incorporate Direct Drive Force Feedback for gamers to have a really authentic racing experience.

The overall weight of the F-GT racing cockpit is 89lbs and it has a weight limit of up to 285lbs. Buying this product also comes with a lot of extras such as a gear shifter support, seat slider, lumbar support cushion, height-adjustable feet, as well as the Buttkicker Gamer 2 adaptor. The cockpit is compatible with all major wheels and pedals so you can combine it with your Thrustmaster, Fanatec, or Logitech steering wheels in order to get the best action for your racing games.

Playseat Challenge Foldable Racing Chair

Playseat Challenge Black
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The Playseat Challenge foldable racing cockpit is an innovative peripheral you can bring anywhere. It features a fully collapsible powder-coated steel frame that can accommodate gamers 4 to 7 feet tall. Unlike other racing cockpits that take hours to set up, the Challenge easily sets up in seconds. The seat is made from durable nylon mesh that’s incredibly resistant to wear and tear even after long gaming sessions. This foldable chair supports up to 200lbs of weight and can fold down under a bed frame or into a closet when not in use even with all hardware still attached for easy storage. It gives gamers the same functionality as other heavy-duty cockpits in a more compact design.

The wheel support plate arm is compatible with almost all 3rd party wheels and pedals. It supports gaming sets from PlayStation 3 all the way to the latest PlayStation console as well as Xbox, and PC. The plate arm and the foot base latch down to your respective accessories to provide stable support. They’re also highly adjustable to set your ideal driving position. To sum it all up, the Playseat Challenge is amazing for racers who don’t have a lot of space to play their racing games. It’s comfortable, doesn’t wobble, and works with most accessories to make it a worthwhile buy.

Next Level Racing GTTrack Simulator Cockpit

Next Level Racing GTTrack Simulator Cockpit (NLR-S009)
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The GTTrack simulator cockpit by Next Level Racing is heavily marketed for professionals and hardcore sim racers due to its design and compatibility. The design was inspired by feedback from a lot of professional drivers and popular eSports racers to give this cockpit the features required to make you stay ahead of the pack. It’s one of Next Level Racing’s most featured-packed simulator cockpits available today, setting a new benchmark for video game racing. This chair fully supports Direct Drive Force Feedback wheels and professional pedal sets from major manufacturers such as Logitech, Fanatec, and Thrustmaster. This is due to its carbon steel construction made from laser cutting and robotic welding making the cockpit strong and highly adjustable.

Every gamer can adjust the distance and angle of the wheels and pedals to ensure an accurate representation of an actual race car. The seat also has distance and angle adjustment for a truly immersive racing experience. What makes this a great buy for hardcore sim racers is how the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 bolts onto the GTtrack with only about 10 minutes of assembly time needed to set up the rig. The cockpit is also completely compatible with the Next Level Racing Traction plus Motion Platform (sold separately) for ultimate simulation immersion. Buying this product comes with an included gear shifter, handbrake support, 4-point racing harness, lockable castor wheels, height-adjustable feet, and a butt-kicker adapter so you can race right away.

GTR Simulator GTA Model Racing Cockpit

GTR Simulator GTA Model Silver Frame with Adjustable Black Leatherette Racing Seat Racing...
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This racing cockpit from GTR simulator features 14 different seating positions to offer racers incredible comfort for their favorite racing simulation games. It has a sculpted aerodynamic profile to deliver a sportier ride when compared to other racing cockpits. The GTA Model racing cockpit can be fully reclined for maximum stability, comfort, and sustainability. The frame material is made from alloy steel while the seats are made of synthetic leather with a lot of color options available to suit your personality. The GTA seats are available in 6 colors like midnight black, competition red, Monte Carlo blue, or the same variants with racing stripes. The design is meant to pull you into the seat for endless fun. It also has an adjustable steering wheel plate and frame length to fit every racer’s body type perfectly.

This racing cockpit is compatible across all platforms such as the previous and latest generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC. It also works on Nintendo’s consoles so all gamers across all platforms are definitely welcome. The only drawback of this racing cockpit is it’s a bit hard to assemble. It will probably take you a few hours to set it up unlike others on the list. After that, you can reward yourself in knowing that it’s very comfortable to use for your racing games to ignite and conquer your racing passion.

Extreme Sim Racing VE 3.0 Simulator Cockpit

Extreme Simracing Racing Simulator Cockpit With All Accessories (Black) - VIRTUAL...
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The Virtual Experience 3.0 cockpit by ESR is made from durable carbon steel on the chassis painted with powder coating for extreme precision and a very stable racing experience. The patterns on the chair reduce any discomfort you’ll feel even after several hours of racing sessions. ESR’s ‘No-flex’ technology enables this cockpit to take abuse from hard racing without problems. It’s fully adjustable, has a maximum capacity of up to 310lbs, and is perfect for racers between 4 to 6.6 feet. The seat is also foldable, bringing practicality and versatility to the cockpit. You can even use it for casual viewing of your favorite shows when you’re not playing.

Buying this cockpit includes integrated TV stands along with complete accessories you’ll need in order to start racing right away. The reinforced wheel deck is Direct Drive Force Feedback ready for the latest steering wheels with authentic vibrations and sensitivities. The TV stand can accommodate sizes of up to 55” ultra-wide or curved screens and has different screws for bracket fitting. There’s also a back tray to fit your console or PC as well as a trinket holder for your mobile phone, wallets, joysticks, and other remote controls. An additional gear shifter, hand brake mount, and mouse tray with articulated keyboard tray fit all your accessories and customization in place for overall ease of access and comfort.

Marada Racing Simulator Cockpit

Marada Racing Simulator Cockpit,fit Logitech G25 G27 G29 G920 G923 Thrustmaster T300RS TX...
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Marada is a new manufacturer of simulator cockpits for racing games. They only started last 2018 but they have a heavy hitter with this cockpit due to its mechanical design. It has great reviews online due to the ergonomic design of the steering wheel bar and pedals. They’re fully compatible with the latest Logitech, Fanatec, and Thrustmaster racing wheels that are currently out on the market so it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for budget cockpits. Its height, angle, and length are fully adjustable to enhance your comfort and control as you play your favorite racing games. The shift lever stand meanwhile can be mounted on either the left or right side, which is suitable for racers with different needs.

The front section of the cockpit is foldable for easy transport and storage. Setting it up should only take you about 10 minutes if done correctly. One of the main advantages that a lot of racers love with this cockpit is its rigidity. It’s reinforced with a carbon steel structure that firmly attaches to the ground to give gamers a realistic racing experience and not be afraid of strong force control when playing. It doesn’t include a lot of accessories unlike other cockpits on the list so you have to customize your own rig to enjoy it to the fullest. It shouldn’t be a problem since it’s budget-friendly so you can allocate some for other gaming peripherals to set up.

Extreme Sim Racing Advanced Cockpit P1 Black Edition

Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand Advanced Cockpit P1 Black Edition Racing Simulator For...
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Last on our list of the best sim racing cockpit to buy right now is the ESR Advanced Cockpit P1 Black Edition. It’s made from highly durable carbon steel on the chassis and has a wide shoulder racing seat with thick padding for a comfortable gaming experience every time. The seat mounting is adjustable as well as the pedal plate and wheel deck plate. What racers will love about it is the shifter mount and cup holder are integrated into the wheel deck and work both on the left and right side for convenience when playing with long sessions in mind. Major gaming peripheral makers such as Logitech, Fanatec, and Thrustmaster are fully compatible on the no-flex carbon steel chassis. It’s ready to hold Direct Drive Force Feedback wheels without difficulty.

The cockpit can withstand up to 310lbs of weight and is comfortable for racers 4.2ft to 6.6ft in height. Buying this product comes with a TV stand with a back tray, trinket trays for cell phones and wallets, as well as an articulated keyboard tray, and an additional gear shift mount with a mouse tray. The cockpit is upgradeable to a triple screen TV if the budget permits making this a highly versatile cockpit not just for hardcore gamers but for everyone. It’s a perfect investment if you’re going to take racing games seriously because it packs everything into a single product so you can play right away.

Buying Guide


If you want a truly comfortable and immersive experience, it’s recommended to have a racing cockpit with a bolted chair. This ensures stability as you play so that wobbling will not be an issue, especially during intense gaming situations. Having a reliable bucket seat to climb in and out of before and after playing your favorite racing game feels authentic and natural. It should have adequate lumbar support and padding for additional comfort during long hours of play. Also, take note of the height and weight capacity of the racing chair as not all of them are created equal.


Aside from your overall comfort as you play, another important thing to consider when choosing a cockpit is its compatibility with your accessories and gears. You don’t want accidental movements from your parts while you play as that could take you out of focus. Most racing cockpit manufacturers make their rigs pre-drilled and suitable for major brands like Fanatec, Logitech, and Thrustmaster. We recommend having your measurements ready when choosing a cockpit as there may be slight variations when it comes to mounting your gears.


It’s a known fact that a cockpit should be rigid and durable as racing games get intense and competitive all the time. You don’t want a cockpit that suddenly falls down on you when you make a sharp turn or a chair that breaks when you recline. A lot of pro-racers recommend getting a cockpit with fewer pieces to assemble. Ease of construction is better than having to screw a lot of joints which adds weakness to your cockpit.


It’s probably not a good idea to cheap out on your racing cockpit especially when it’s your first time setting up your own rig. You’ll definitely upgrade some of your parts along the way so a cheap cockpit may not be able to handle upgraded pedals or wheels once you’ve invested more parts. You don’t want to spend another dime because you bought the wrong cockpit so avoid cheap rigs if you’re serious about investing in a quality cockpit.


How do you build a pro-gaming racing cockpit?

To build a racing simulator worthy enough to be used by the pros, you’ll be needing quality chassis, wheels, and pedals. After that, get at least a 43” to 55” TV screen or monitor and choose the console or PC of your choice. Expect to invest serious bucks as these rigs do not come cheap. You’ll be able to enjoy authentic and ultra-realistic driving like racing in real life.

Are triple screens better than ultra-wide or VR?

It all comes down to your budget and preference. Some like triple screens because of the versatility while others want a single ultra-wide screen for a no-nonsense type of experience. VR headsets are starting to become popular nowadays because it creates a more visceral feel when racing. As always, it’s better to not cheap out on your setup as this tends to take away the immersion when playing.

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