Best Sim Racing Pedals Reviews of 2023

Best Sim Racing Pedals Reviews of 2023

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A lot of professional sim racers agree that high-quality racing pedals make you faster than just simply relying on a good steering wheel. They also make your gaming experience incredibly realistic as having a great pedal set makes you feel like driving an actual car. In this article, we’ve listed 5 of the best Fanatec pedal sets you can buy right now as well as 5 more from Amazon to ensure you’re always ahead of the pack when playing your favorite sim racing games.

ClubSport Pedals V3 Inverted

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The ClubSport V3 inverted pedals from Fanatec have the clutch and brake pivot points to the upper side of the pedals. They’re attached to an incredibly stable frame like what gamers expect from the Fanatec ClubSport Series. What makes the pedal set special is the pure realism you get when using inverted pedals as compared to pedal sets that are attached to the floor. The arrangement, distances, and overall feeling while using the pedals give the experience of driving a real car without leaving the comforts of your living room or gaming room. The set is made from 100% metal with a proven design like its predecessors with a lot of cutting-edge features to boot.

The setup is pre-mounted for maximum adjustability allowing gamers to have a variety of possible arrangements depending on their driving style. The pedal extensions as well as the D-shape pedal plates are also swappable for other ergonomic adjustments as you see fit. Not only that, there’s a new vibration motor on the gas pedal in which compatible games indicate racers if they lose grip on the tracks and let up on the gas.

The custom-made load cell of the V3 is extremely durable and can hold up to 90KG of pressure for a realistic and strong pressure control when controlling the brakes with muscle tension. Lastly, Fanatec has completely revised the electronics with contactless hall sensors with 12-bit resolution. You can easily calibrate each axis through the wheel or via the driver for the ultimate customization for your favorite racing games.

ClubSport Pedals V3

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If the inverted version is a tad expensive for your budget, then the standard ClubSport Pedals V3 by Fanatec is another great option for your sim racing needs. It’s still quite expensive when compared to other pedal sets on the market but is more affordable than the inverted version while retaining all the qualities needed for a good set of pedals. It has all the latest and advanced technology every sim racer needs to give itself that competitive edge, especially during tight races. Like the V3 inverted, this pedal set is capable of enduring up to 90 KG of pressure for precise controls on the brakes like you’re driving a real car. The durability is not a question as it is stronger and more precise than the previous generation of ClubSport pedals.

The pedal plates are revamped with a new D-shape design as well as a new pedal extension to allow gamers to adjust the pedal plate and the angle of the whole pedal arm depending on their driving style. This level of adjustability means there are countless ways to maximize your gaming experience ergonomically according to your racing style and preference, giving you the ultimate control over how you’re going to face the incoming race. The brake stiffness is also easily adjustable without the need of using any tools so you can tinker with your heart’s desire till you reach the level you’re comfortable with. The V3 along with the inverted version is compatible with PC and works with PlayStation and Xbox consoles when combined with their console-licensed steering wheels making this a great buy across all platforms.

CSL Series CSL Pedals

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The most affordable pedal set in Fanatec’s lineup is the CSL Series CSL Pedals. It’s a 2-pedal set for throttling and braking but is easily upgradeable up to 3-pedals with metal pedal faces, the clutch kit, or the load cell kit. The clutch kit is the cheapest way to upgrade to 3-pedals but getting the load cell kit is ideal as it also upgrades the brake and main electronics for a more realistic experience when playing your favorite sim racing games. It’s perfectly fine to race with just the 2 pedals as the set is made from solid steel. They’re precise, durable, and have high-quality sensors that allow you to stay in control with smooth throttle and brake inputs.

The all-metal design of this pedal set means it’s also built to last. The spring is stiffer on the brake pedals and when combined with the PU foam damper, it creates a realistic and progressive feeling to your pedal action every time you start your races. The pedals can be hard-mounted or braced against a wall or hard surface due to the sturdy vertical plates at the rear. Another great feature of the CSL pedals is their fully certified plug-and-play peripheral. It connects directly to any Fanatec wheelbase via the RJ12 cable or with the ClubSport USB adapter. They’re very easy to set up with a simple design making the pedal set easy to use, maintain, and clean ticking all the boxes a hardcore sim racer wants in a simple racing rig setup.

CSL Series CSL Elite Pedals

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Are you looking to upgrade your existing racing rig and put your pedals a step further? Then the CSL Elite Pedals by Fanatec is the perfect companion for your growing sim racing fandom. It’s a nice upgrade from the standard CSL pedal set as you get the same technology and high-end materials used in high-end pedals at a mid-range price. It’s made from high quality 100% aluminum design to ensure long-lasting durability of the peripheral as well as improved resistance and stability every time you pump the brakes or accelerate in speed. The rubber pads on the pedal plates are easily detachable allowing you to have a free choice between a grip or slick surface depending on your driving preference.

The new and improved design of the Elite Pedals allows for various tuning and setup options to give you maximum freedom when adjusting your pedals to your preferred driving style. The new electronics inside the Elite Pedals feature potentiometer sensors with metal gears providing the same 12-bit resolution as that of the V3 pedals to make your driving experience perfect every step of the way. The accelerator, brake, as well as optional clutch system, are individually adjustable and can be mounted separately onto your cockpit for a free layout as you see fit. Like the CSL pedal set, the Elite Pedals are fully plug-and-play that’s compatible across all platforms such as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. You’ll be needing a console-licensed wheelbase if you’re gaming from a console though.

CSL Series CSL Pedals LC

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The CSL Pedals LC is a combination of the standard CSL pedals along with the Load Cell Kit to deliver the consistency and confidence you need whenever you’re going for the best lap times on your favorite sim racing games. The load cell kit replaces the brake pedals and upgrades the electronics to completely provide racers with an entirely new and realistic brake plus a clutch pedal for the ultimate immersion, precision, and consistency. Like the other pedal systems on the list, the CSL Pedals LC is made from an all-metal design for durability and longevity. There’s an elastomer stack on the load cell sensor for a stronger and realistic feeling of resistance under compression making gameplay more immersive than usual.

The load cell adds another layer of realism to your sim racing games as the system measures pressure rather than travel which makes braking feel like a real car. This added realism ensures you’ll quickly improve your gaming skills through muscle memory training. The amount of braking force meanwhile can be easily adjusted and tweaked through the Fanatec Tuning Menu. The upgraded electronics of the Pedals LC also allow for manual calibration of all three pedal axes to make your driving experience fit your preferred driving style anytime.


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The T-LCM pedal set by THRUSTMASTER is the first pedal set on the list not made by Fanatec. It’s available on Amazon and utilizes a similar load cell technology to the CSL series with a load cell force sensor capable of up to 100 KG of pressure. This allows you to race with intensity without fear of breaking the pedals as you apply force according to your driving style. The mechanical brake force has 6 sets of springs which gives you a multitude of quick adjustment options to customize the feel of the brake pedal according to your driving style.

The T-LCM pedals are adjustable in terms of their height, inclination, and spacing. All the 3 pedals can be adjusted individually. The included calibration software also lets you electronically adjust the brake force along with the dead zones for the 3 pedals for unprecedented customizability. This pedal set is made from 100% metal with a sturdy structure designed with the most hardcore sim racers in mind. The reinforced textured footrests ensure a good grip and prevent the pedals from sliding and give you a feeling of control while racing. The pedal set weighs 5 KG which also adds stability so you can always depend on this pedal set when racing.

Extreme Simracing Inverted Pedals Kit Upgrade

Extreme Sim Racing Inverted Pedals Kit Upgrade for Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920 and G923...
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This inverted pedals kit by ESR is primarily aimed for Logitech steering wheel kits as well as ESR racing wheel stands and cockpits. This inverted pedal kit upgrade is the best pedal set you can buy right now to add more realism to your races. It works really well for the Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920, G923 add-on, and other compatible racing wheels. This conversion kit adds another layer of experience to your existing pedals as having an inverted set makes your gameplay feel like you’re driving an actual car instead of the arcade feel of a pedal set mounted on the surface.

The pedals also come with an extra brake load for more sensation and firmness while braking. All the screws, nuts, cable extensions, are included in the purchase. The only drawback when buying this pedal kit is you’ll need to have minimum knowledge of electronic assembly. Once setup is complete you’ll definitely surprise even yourself that you’re using the same set of pedals. The change of a hanging pedal instantly increases the sensitivity of the pedals making competitive driving a joy to experience. It’s a total steal at its price point so upgrading using this kit is a no-brainer for sim racers looking to put their gaming to the next level.


Thrustmaster T3PA Add-On (PS5, PS4, XBOX Series X/S, One, PC)
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The T3PA add-on is another great sim racing pedal by THRUSTMASTER available right now on Amazon. This 3-pedal set is made from 100% metal with a solid internal structure for maximum stability, adjustability, and includes an optional conical rubber brake mod for realistic sensations while playing your favorite sim racing games. The T3PA add-on has a very wide and textured footrest that keeps the pedal in place especially when racing in intense courses and tracks. It also has threaded holes for cockpit setups making this a highly versatile add-on suitable for different racing rigs.

All the individual pedals are easily adjustable in terms of their spacing, angle, and height which allows for a lot of different racing styles. The T3PA add-on is one of the cheapest pedal sets you can buy right now making it highly appealing for first-time sim racers or casual gamers looking to up their experience with having a wheel and pedal set of their own. It’s also fully compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, as well as Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X. If you’re looking to ditch that keyboard and mouse or controller setup, then you can start exploring the world of sim racing with the T3PA add-on.

PXN V9 Gaming Racing Wheel

PXN V9 Gaming Steering Wheels - 270/900° Xbox Steering Wheel Driving Sim, PC Racing Wheel...
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The PXN V9 gaming racing wheel is a great buy for beginners wanting to set up their own sim racing rigs at the comforts of their own home as the package is an all-in-one buy with all the equipment already included for you to start your gameplay right away. It includes the steering wheel, pedal set, as well as a 6-shift that’s compatible across all platforms. It works well for PC, as well as PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X. The racing wheel along with the other peripherals also works well with the switch making this a great buy if you have a lot of platforms to play your favorite racing games with.

The PXN V9 gaming racing wheel is compatible with a lot of racing games like the Need for Speed series, The Crew series, Project CARS, Sonic Racing, Mario Kart, Assetto Corsa, Forza, and a lot more. A bundle package is usually recommended for beginners to dip their toes in the world of sim racing as it tends to be easier for newcomers when the peripherals are all plug-and-play.


Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Add-On (PS4, XBOX Series X/S, One, PC)
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Last on our list of the best sim racing pedals available today is the T3PA Pro Add-On by THRUSTMASTER. It features 2 compression springs and 2 removable mods that can be installed directly underneath the brake pedal. One is the spring brake mod to adjust the pressure force between 13-15 KG while the other is the conical rubber brake mod to increase the pressure from 20 to 30 KG. Using either of two mods allows for an authentic feel when racing. This is thanks to the ultra-progressive resistance at the end of the pedal’s range of travel when playing your favorite sim racing games.

The spacing, as well as the height of the pedals, are fully adjustable like most of the pedals sets on the list. The footrest uses a non-slip and grating metal structure and weighs 7 KG for optimal stability when playing. It’s also made from 100% metal which adds to its overall durability and longevity ensuring you’ll be racing with this pedal set for long years to come. The T3PA Pro Add-On by THRUSTMASTER is one of the highest-rated pedal sets on Amazon right now so it’s highly recommended for gamers looking for a high-quality pedal set for their racing rig.

Buying Guide


The adjustability of the pedal set you’re interested in should always be one of the deciding factors when choosing the right product for you. You should have the ability to control the spacing of the pedals forwards, backward, and from side to side. This will give you the freedom to actually set the pedals as to that of an actual car to make your racing sim experience as realistic as possible. Cheaper sim racing pedals are fine for first-time racers but the heel and toe driving techniques are especially important when competing online making adjustability one of the higher priorities you should keep in mind when looking for the best racing pedals for your racing rig.


Once you have locked in the pedal set that you like, look for other options available in the market and compare their differences against your budget. Even then, it’s better to avoid cheap pedal sets as high-quality sim racing pedals usually give you more features and longevity making them a better choice overall. Another practical factor of choosing a high-quality pedal is making sure they’re compatible across many different platforms to future-proof your racing rig should you have multiple devices available when gaming. It’s a better investment to get a pedal set that works for both your console and PC than getting a pedal set for each platform.

Build Quality

The overall build quality should also be a major factor to consider when choosing a pedal set for your racing rig. You don’t want a pedal set that looks flimsy when compared to your high-end steering wheel and cockpit. A cheap-looking pedal set won’t cut it when looking for total realism and durability. You’ll want the best materials available on your budget so always look for pedal sets that are made from 100% metal with a sturdy surface to make them last longer. If budget is not an issue, inverted versions are definitely the way to go as they are the most realistic pedal sets your money can buy.


Whether your pedal set is mounted or on the surface, they should have non-slip materials to ensure stability especially when you’re in intense racing situations. The pedals should also be able to take a considerable amount of pressure when you’re pressing on the clutch, gas, or brakes for a realistic resistance when using them just like driving a real car. All of these factors add up to ensure you’ll have an enjoyable experience every time you’re playing your favorite sim racing games.


What’s the best way to upgrade my racing rig?

For sim racing enthusiasts wishing to upgrade their existing rig, upgrading your pedal set is the first thing you should always do. This is because an upgrade in the pedals poses the most significant change you can make to your overall gameplay experience. A better set of pedals means you’ll always have better control overall which is important in a competitive environment.

What does load cell mean on pedal sets?

Load cell pedals base the strength of the braking signal received by the game on the pressure applied to the pedal. They’re some of the most advanced sim racing pedals available in the market today unlike potentiometer-based pedals but both pedal systems have pros and cons in their own right.

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