CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 Product Review

CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 Product Review

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Fans of sim racing games are in for a treat as the CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 by Fanatec looks to improve the formula of the original. The McLaren GT3 V2 is a refinement of its predecessor and it includes a lot of improvements and features that will help you stay ahead of the pack. The overall shape of this gaming peripheral, as well as the switches, paddles, and dials, stayed faithful to the real McLaren CAD data. The electronics are completely redesigned increasing its overall performance and durability which is why it’s one of the trusted wheels used even by professional racecar drivers for training during the offseason. The only primary difference this steering wheel has with the real GT3 wheel is the white 1” OLED display that replaces the fourth rotary encoder of the actual wheel.

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When it comes to the bells and whistles that fit the McLaren GT3 V2, every placement of the inputs is intelligently arranged at the reach of your fingertips so you can adapt and react at lightning-fast intervals so you can concentrate on the race at hand. The toggle, rotary switches, as well as laser-engraved Pit and Neutral buttons all have high bezels. These buttons are enhanced with snap-dome switches to provide a realistic resistance when you’re knee-deep in action. There’s also a FunkySwitch with seven functions, and seven additional buttons that you can customize with exchangeable button caps. To complete your ability to win the race, the new and improved 12-way multi-position switches with rotary encoder functionality allow you to have advanced modes and endless functionality for wider compatibility between your favorite racing games.

The shifting mechanism meanwhile is also revamped and has a longer throw and magnetic resistance to provide sim racers with superior tactile feedback making the experience feel like you’re really driving an actual race car. This dual-clutch paddle system gives you the ability to nail every start before any race to initiate the perfect launch every time giving you the extra advantage during competitive gameplay. The rocker-type paddle of the McLaren GT3 V2 is made from a single piece of anodized aluminum giving you the power to shift up and down with just one hand. The paddles have four different modes for you to choose from depending on your driving style. You can select between Clutch bite-point mode, handbrake mode, brake/throttle mode, and mappable axis mode. All of the modes are instantly available at the flick of the center switch. We recommend that you try the brake/throttle mode as this mode allows you to drive without pedals so you can sit back and relax while playing.

The CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 utilizes the improved QR1 Lite-Wheel Side tool-free simplified quick release adapter making it clamp easily to the steering shaft by hand, without the need for tools when compared to other steering wheels out on the market today. The removable adapter can also be replaced with the QR1 Wheel-Side, which is the ClubSport quick release adapter if you want to unlock the high torque mode on Podium wheelbases. This improved ease of use increases the overall durability of the peripheral making it last longer unlike other cheap steering wheels that break down due to repeated use. The steering wheel is compatible with a lot of Fanatec wheelbases such as the PODIUM Wheel Base series, ClubSport Wheel Base series, CSL Elite wheelbases, CSL DD, and the Gran Turismo DD Pro.

This full-scale replica of the actual steering wheel used in McLaren GT3 race cars is officially licensed by McLaren Automotive Limited and by Microsoft for use on their latest consoles Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s possible to use this steering wheel on PlayStation consoles but you’ll have to combine it with a PlayStation licensed wheelbase. PC gamers meanwhile will enjoy the full functionalities of the McLaren GT3 V2 as it is fully compatible with the platform. Overall, you’re getting exactly what you need for a reliable steering wheel as your money’s worth it with this steering wheel. It’s one of Fanatec’s more affordable steering wheels from their entire steering wheel lineup that still packs quite a punch since it’s loaded with all the tools and functionalities you need in order to win the race.

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