Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD1 – Product Review 2023

Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD1 – Product Review 2023

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Playing racing games on a controller, keyboard, or even belt or gear driven wheels have never been the same with the introduction of Direct Drive. Now that racing simulations are basically ingrained into mainstream gaming, the Direct Drive Force Feedback mechanism has become king due to its accuracy and level of immersion. Simply put, the technology has changed the landscape of racing video games.

The Podium Wheel Base DD1 by Fanatec is the latest product of the Direct Drive era and it takes your gameplay experience to the next level like never before. Before even considering buying the product, be prepared for your wallet to take a hit as the Podium DD1 is the cream of the crop and doesn’t come cheap. It’s heavily geared towards seasoned and hardcore gamers but first time racers with a lot of budget are definitely welcome to get their hands on this marvel.

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The Podium Wheel Base DD1 utilizes the latest outrunner-type motor Fanatec engineers made from the ground up exclusively for sim racing. Fanatec did not use traditional industrial motors and instead tailored a custom made servo motor for the DD1 without compromise in order to generate excellent feedback effects. The base is made from all aluminum solid metal with German precision and is built to last for more than a few years. It is covered with up to 3-years warranty as well as an optional 5-year warranty if your budget permits the add-on. Adding a few years on a warranty is smart if you have extra cash to spare. It’s a nice way to protect your investment so that you can enjoy playing racing games for a long time.

The front of the housing has an integrated 2.7” OLED display with a 256×64 resolution to provide gamers with opportunities to tune the wheel base according to their racing styles. There are other settings available for more advanced gamers that allow you to display real-time motor and Force Feedback data. The display also shows temperature, torque curves. It also aids in avoiding Force Feedback clipping. If these features are too much for beginner players, then you can simply enjoy the graphics and play your games as usual. Once you’re fully accustomed to the wheel base, you’ll immediately notice how clean and professional looking the DD1 is compared to others because the data and power transfer wirelessly to the wheel inputs as well as the displays. There are basically no USB cables flinging about when using the Podium DD1. USB cables get easily damaged during intense gaming sessions especially for racing simulation as well as making it difficult for you to spin the wheel during drifting. It’s another unique solution Fanatec pioneered for efficient wireless data and power usage that other wheel bases simply cannot compete with.

The Podium DD1 is so easy to set up that a lot of racers immediately get the sense of enjoyment when using the product for the first time. This is because the DD1 is the first truly plug-and-play Direct Drive wheel base not just from Fanatec but from the whole racing market. It has undergone rigorous EMI and ESD testing to ensure the wheelbase will stay with gamers for a long time with guaranteed stability and longevity. The locking system has also been upgraded. It retains the compatibility advantage it has with all existing Fanatec steering wheels. The Podium DD1 also has a quick release mechanism making steering wheels interchangeable anytime you want. It also has the option to upgrade into a new QR system making it ready for the future when the latest upgrades are available.

The wheel base has an ultra-fast 1000Hz USB refresh rate and guaranteed low latency due to integrated electronics and only the highest quality components used. It is compatible with the PC when combined with any Fanatec steering wheels. For console players on Xbox, you will need an Xbox-licensed steering wheel to enjoy the Podium DD1 on the platform. Sadly, this peripheral is not compatible with any PlayStation consoles and cannot be upgraded with compatibility kits which lock them out of the fun.

The wheel base comes with a Torque Key, 1 quick guide, a 480-watt power supply, regional power cable, and a USB cable for connectivity. The wheel base works with any Podium, ClubSport, or CSL steering wheels as well as all Fanatec pedals and shifters to complete your racing rig. It’s highly recommended to be combined with the RennSport Cockpit V2 and the ClubSport Table Clamp V2 in order to experience the highest level of immersion available to racing simulations today. The Podium DD1 is ideal for seasoned racers as well as hardcore gamers simply because it’s the best investment for your money if you’re looking for an authentic driving experience for your games. It’s the best Direct Drive wheel base you can order today where you can just drive and enjoy it for hours.

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