How Long Does A Sim Racing Wheel Last?

How Long Does A Sim Racing Wheel Last?

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Your sim racing wheel is one of the most important things in your sim racing rig. That’s why you should know how long this equipment should last. How long it lasts is influenced by a lot of factors, such as how much you use it and what brand it is. Read on to know more.

How Long Does A Sim Racing Wheel Last?

Most warranties cover a product for 1 or 2 years. Therefore, it is intuitive to assume the product lasts a few more years after that. Even looking at the minimum length of time, you should expect 3 years of use in your sim racing wheel; regardless of whether you spend everyday sim racing or only occasional weekends. In short, the absolute minimum you should expect from a wheel is 3 years of use before you need to replace it.

What affects the lifespan of a sim racing wheel?

Probably the biggest factor above all others is how much you’ll be using your sim racing wheel. That isn’t just frequency of use, but the time spent sim racing per session, too. Spending a whole day using the wheel will induce more wear than two-hour race sessions, for example.

Alongside the usage wear and tear on a wheel, you should also look at the quality of it, too. This is directly related to the brand your wheel carries. Companies that specialize in making sim racing gear will use high-grade materials and include a host of longevity features in their products when compared to budget brands. Therefore, expect a longer lifespan out of the former. Sure, some racing wheels may save you some cash in the short term, but you’ll likely have to replace them much quicker than a named brand of racing wheel.

How do you make your sim racing wheel last long?

It’s also pretty important to know how exactly you can make the most of your sim racing wheel by extending the time you can spend racing with it! This all comes down to taking care of the wheel.

Taking some time to clean and wipe down the wheel rim every week or so will reduce the risk of embedded fingerprints and other lasting damages that will come from using your hands. Another good practice is to keep the whole racing wheel free of dust. While it may seem harmless, dust can find its way into the internal mechanisms of the wheel and cause it to give up way before your 3-year minimum lifespan.

Where possible, do not mount and remount your racing wheel frequently. The components of the mount can be pretty fragile relative to the wheel and its base. Therefore, it is best to keep it grounded in one place when you can.

Do cheap sim racing wheels last long?

The allure of cheaper products is understandable, especially when you’re just getting started in sim racing. Spending above a couple of hundred dollars may seem like a bad idea, after all.
However, buying a budget wheel will have a distinct effect on how long you’ll be able to use it and all of its features. The quality of materials won’t be as high as named brands. Another important factor is the short, limited warranties or lack of warranty altogether.

As such, budget wheels won’t last anywhere near the 3-year minimum expected of solid racing wheels. It would be worth doing some budgeting on price to see what would be more worth it; three different budget wheels of $80 each for 3 years, or a $250 wheel that’ll last 3 years or longer.

Do expensive sim racing wheels last longer?

Spending more money doesn’t always equate to better quality. In the case of designer brands, sometimes, they just aren’t worth the extra cost when you can buy something that does the same exact purpose.

However, when it comes to products that will be in use or are integral to a whole set-up, like in sim racing, spending that little bit extra can guarantee a longer usage and more consistent usage time. You would expect reputable brands to provide a higher build quality and nicer, more durable materials that are made to last, and that all-important warranty will likely be available or longer compared to budget wheels.

Brands such Fanatec expect their wheels to be flawless and aim to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. That’s why they’ve stayed so prominent in the sim racing industry for so long! They all use very high-tech electronics and features that will guarantee a longer life, such as using brushless steel servo motors, so the least you should expect is 3 years of sim racing action.


There aren’t many occasions when a sim racing wheel doesn’t last at least three years. If yours defies this trend, we suggest looking less into budget brands and more into reliable companies like Fanatec.

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