How to connect a Racing Wheel to PlayStation

How to connect a Racing Wheel to PlayStation

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With the release of upcoming games for the next-gen platforms, it’s now more important to know the available steering wheels that are compatible with Sony’s console, the PS4 and PS5. We’ve put together a quick and handy guide for sim racers like you so you can get right into the thick of the action on your favorite console. This guide contains the basics to get your steering wheel set up in no time.

How to connect a racing wheel to PlayStation

To set up your racing wheel, make sure your PS4/PS5 is updated to the latest version to reduce incompatibility with your peripheral. After that, ensure the racing game you like to play is also up-to-date so connectivity for online competition is possible. Consult the list of steering wheels compatible with the game on its website or booklet. Once all of these are done, it’s time to connect your steering wheel via USB. Attach the pedals to the wheel and wait for the console to calibrate the device.

What should I do if my steering wheel is not compatible with the PS4/PS5?

A lot of sim racers will definitely come across steering wheel compatibility issues at some point in their gaming lives. Steering wheels like the highly popular Logitech G25 or G27 or older Thrustmaster and Fanatec racing wheels are sometimes incompatible with the platform and even the latest racing games.

To combat this particular issue, it’s possible to get an adapter such as the Game Input MultipleXer (GIMX), Arduino, or Raspberry Pi, to name a few. What these devices do is trick the game on your console to think your racing wheel is on the list of officially licensed wheels. You’ll also need a PC and another controller to act as the hub for the emulator in order to start playing without issues.

One of the advantages of getting an adapter is that it can fully simulate realistic Force Feedback effects for a fun racing experience. However, an obvious drawback of doing this method is there are a lot more hardware and setup you have to do; it’ll become cumbersome to beginner sim racers. You’re better off getting an officially licensed PlayStation racing wheel especially when you’re just beginning to set up your racing rig.

I have a racing wheel that works for both PC and Xbox. Can I use it for PlayStation?

Racing wheel manufacturers often have officially licensed wheels exclusive on another platform that may or may not work on the other. An example of this is some of Fanatec’s Podium, ClubSport, and CSL series of racing wheels that are compatible with PC and Xbox but not on Sony’s platform.

If you’ve accidentally purchased the wrong wheel as a first-time buyer, an easy workaround to solve this problem is by getting an officially licensed wheelbase for PS4/PS5. Fanatec has a lot of PlayStation licensed wheelbases that are compatible with a lot of steering wheels to make them game-ready for the PS4 and PS5. The full functionality of the wheel, however, may be limited and subject to firmware and developer support. Utilizing the wheel capabilities are also game-dependent so it’s always a good idea to read the game’s manual before choosing the right sim racing game for your racing wheel.

Can I use my headphones while playing racing games on PS4/PS5?

For gamers worried about noise complaints when playing their favorite sim racing games, it’s possible to use a headset/headphones while playing sim racing games on Sony’s console. The easiest way to connect them while behind a wheel is simply having Bluetooth headphones and pairing them directly to the console. For wired headphones, plug the stereo jack into the PS4/PS5 controller solely for connection purposes while playing with the racing wheel. You’ll have to log in as a second player with the controller using this method to hear the audio in the headphones. Another alternative is getting a USB sound card and connecting it to the USB port of the console and inserting the audio jack of your headphones into the card.

What are the best racing wheels for PS4/PS5 available right now?

Now that you’ve accomplished all the necessary steps in order to have a worry-free sim racing experience, it’s time to get a hold of a steering wheel that will put you into action as soon as possible. Logitech’s G23 and G29 Driving Force racing wheels are some of the most affordable wheels you can get for your PS4/PS5 that also come with pedals so you can play your favorite games immediately. Both of these wheels provide great Force Feedback effects but may not be as luxurious as Fanatec steering wheels so this is a great choice if you’re on a budget.

Thrustmaster meanwhile has the T150 and the T300 as their dedicated Sony PlayStation steering wheels that are both reasonably priced with solid Force Feedback resistances to boot. Thrustmaster racing wheels are a bit more expensive than what Logitech offers. Their wheels however usually have an all-plastic build and suffer the same criticisms as Logitech as they simply cannot contend with Fanatec’s premium feel. They’re still solid racing wheels for gamers as the excellent Force Feedback effects will put your immersions to the next level.

Fanatec recently released the new Gran Turismo DD Pro and its Express Version in anticipation of Sony’s latest next-gen game. Fanatec racing wheels are notorious for costing more than your actual console so they’re usually more recommended for hardcore sim racers or veteran gamers choosing to upgrade their existing racing rig. The CSL Elite series is Fanatec’s most price-friendly steering wheel in their lineup so you may want to try their entry-level peripherals out before choosing to upgrade in the near future.


It’s important to note that not all sim racing games support all types of steering wheels. You’ll be able to see the list of compatible steering wheels on a game you’re interested in, usually on their website or on the steering wheels’ compatibility list. PlayStation offers some of the best driving games available right now with immersion and realism at its finest. With the release of Gran Turismo 7, be prepared to enter a new era of driving like never before.

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