Logitech G923 Product Review

Logitech G923 Product Review

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The G923 True Force by Logitech is a reengineered racing wheel to meet the demands of next-generation gaming to deliver unprecedented realism to all your favorite video games. It has a beautiful build quality and is compatible with the latest racing games available today. The classic design of old Logitech steering wheels has been redesigned with a new colorway made in premium brushed metal. The rim is covered with automotive style leather stitching while the bundled pedals are polished to give both peripherals a professional finish. The overall form follows function with the wheel having a central striped marker and rotary dial for additional assistance during intense gameplay moments.

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The future of racing simulations is put into good hands with this racing wheel as the game’s engine connects directly to the wheel for a true and pure responsive feel during actual gameplay. The TRUE FORCE processes at 4,000 times a second to produce next-gen realism and incredible detail in supported games. You can feel all the pistons pumping, every gravel crunching, as well as every shift, drift, and hairpin turn on any race you participate in. Its Force Feedback technology ensures higher fidelity and real-time responses that’s very much needed for improved detail and realism when compared to previous generations. This is all thanks to a closed-loop motor control that continually adjusts the voltage flowing through the wheel motors to match what’s happening on your monitor or TV screen.

Another added feature the G923 has is its programmable dual clutch launch assist in supported games. The feature lets you get off the starting line faster and much cleaner so that you’re always ahead of the pack. This neat advantage provides maximum traction and minimum smoke that makes your driving more efficient than the rest. This racing wheel also utilizes on-wheel game controls that are built right into the steering wheel. Depending on the wheel that you’re using, it’ll have complete Xbox Series S|X or PS5 or PS4 controls right at your fingertips. There’s also a 24-point selection dial for traction, torque, brake-force, that are all adjustable from the built-in dial you can control with ease. The built-in Rev indicator located at the middle of the wheel shows your RPM range in supported games. The color LED lets you see when you’re redlining, right in your line of sight. The progressive spring helps you maintain control of the wheel even when racing at high speeds for stability in almost all supported racing games.

Buying the Logitech G923 includes a progressive brake pedal with a pressure-sensitive brake system to simulate the feel of braking from an actual car. It’s possible to reposition the pedal as you see fit for heel-to-toe maneuvers and even more control as you race. The base of the pedals has a retractable carpet grip as well as rubber feet to keep them firmly in place when you’re playing. You don’t have to worry about the pedals putting you in an uncomfortable position as the base stays firmly in place on any surface. You can also get a dedicated shifter if you want to add another layer of realism to your racing games. Logitech offers a dedicated shifter with a short-throw feel in a 6-speed “H” pattern with a push-down reverse as another driving companion. This puts your gaming experience over the top for more hours of fun on popular racing games.

If you’re playing on a PC and have your steering wheel, pedal, shifters, and cockpit set up, you can now adjust your wheel sensitivity, Force Feedback levels, and other button customizations on the G HUB gaming software. It’s possible to build multiple custom profiles for any game and application you have installed to take full control of your rig. Logitech’s website provides a very helpful guide to see the games where TRUEFORCE is supported. Popular games like Dirt Rally 2.0, Assetto Corza Competitzione, iRacing, Project Cars 3, and a lot more support this Force Feedback effect. Take particular note of the platform you are playing as there are games on the console that don’t support the feature.

The price of this racing wheel is very affordable, making this a must-have for first-time racing wheel buyers and even seasoned gamers. Logitech even throws in a 2-year limited hardware warranty on the steering wheel as well as the pedal set to ensure you can game without worries. Overall, this gaming peripheral is very well designed and is an improvement over the G29. The TRUE FORCE technology is definitely a game-changer and a welcome surprise to racing simulation fans, adding a lot of personality to your gameplay experience. The G923 is highly recommended for use across all platforms like PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It also works well with the latest generation of consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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