Top 7 Best Sim Racing Triple monitor stands

Top 7 Best Sim Racing Triple monitor stands

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Every single sim racing enthusiast has one thing in common, the requirement for a superb display solution in order to stay engrossed and feel every bit of immersion in the game. To mount your display, you need a good monitor stand. Three-monitor setups are becoming more widespread, but the wide array of options for stands may be difficult to navigate. We’ve done the effort for you and compiled this list of the finest triple monitor stands for sim racing. In this article, we also go through the factors to consider when purchasing a triple monitor stand for sim racing.

Fanatec RennSport Cockpit Triple Monitor Stand V2

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This triple monitor stand will let you replicate a genuine racing atmosphere and get closer to the experience of a pilot. It can hold up to three 27″ monitors that weigh up to 10 kg each. Its measurements are 7,5×7,5 cm – 10×10 cm – 10×20 cm – 20×20 cm.

Adjust the height and angles of your monitor to perfectly fit your racing position and provide you with the best visibility of the racing tracks, thanks to VESA standards and its solid construction. The triple monitor stand supports any screen with VESA holes to improve your level of visibility and comfort. The monitor stand is compatible with the RennSport Cockpit V2.

Next Level Racing Free Standing Triple Monitor Stand

Next Level Racing Free Standing Triple Monitor Stand (NLR-A010)
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The Next Level Racing Free Standing Triple Monitor Stand is a highly adaptable triple-monitor mount that can handle three monitors ranging in size from 32″ to 65″ in size, and the universal VESA mounting mechanism allows for easy installation of practically any display in that range.

This stand has lockable caster wheels for simple movement and solid stability, as well as height-adjustable feet for those who like a little more permanency and verticality. Velcro ties for cable management are supplied, as well as an array of 24 bolts for installing your displays.

The finest part about this stand is the wide range of angles and fine modifications it can make, guaranteeing that practically anybody can quickly adapt it to their cockpit or setup. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, this is the one to get.

Extreme Sim Racing Triple Screen Tv Stand

Extreme Sim Racing Triple Screen Tv Stand Add-on Upgrade With Back Tray - Fits almost all...
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In addition to being a conventional stand that’s simple to incorporate into your sim rig, the Extreme Sim Racing Triple Screen TV Stand includes extra features and considerations that make it easy to suggest for individuals who have more purposes in mind than simply sim racing.

Each of the three VESA mounts is highly adjustable in angle, tilt, and height – and supports monitors from 26″ to 37″ right out of the box. Thick steel tubing provides excellent stability, and a tough black powder coat finish ensures that it will look and feel great for many years. There are also some red accents, such as the non-stick polyurethane bushings that prevent metal-on-metal contact at points of articulation.

The wide rear tray serves as an ideal stage for your PC or gaming console, while the angled berth allows for a cockpit – or even a tiny gaming desk – to sit beneath it. If you want a stylish and robust mount for gamers of all types, go with this one.

Mount it! Triple Monitor Mount

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount | Desk Stand with USB and Audio Ports | 3 Counter-Balanced...
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One of the few stands with an integrated cable management system is the Mount it! triple monitor stand. It can accommodate three monitors with sizes ranging from 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32 inches. Using a 75×75 or 100x100mm square bolt hole design on the back of the monitors, each arm can handle up to 15.4 pounds of weight. Spring arms on the triple monitor stand allow for simple adjustment.

A USB 3.0 port, an audio port, and extension cords are also included. The built-in cable management system aids in concealing the cable clutter so you won’t be bothered by wires dangling around. The stand is built of heavy-duty steel and aluminum alloy, making it long-lasting and sturdy. It comes with C clamps and grommet base mounts for desktop installation (up to 4 inches wide).

The monitor stand arms can swivel 360 degrees left and right, raise and lower, and tilt 90 degrees up and down. You can rotate a monitor to make it portrait or landscape without affecting the other displays’ orientation. Turning the mount bracket arm adjusts the height of the center monitor without the need for any tools.

WALI Triple Monitor Stand

WALI Triple Monitor Stand, Fully Adjustable Three Monitor Desk Mount Fits 3 Screens up to...
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The center monitor on the WALI adjustable triple monitor stand and mount is raised above the other two side monitors. If you’re concerned about the lack of space on your desk, don’t be. The WALI triple monitor stand will help you restore lost space, making your area clutter-free while also giving it a contemporary and sophisticated appearance.

Most flat monitors up to 27 inches are supported by the WALI triple monitor stand and mount, and each arm can handle a weight of 22 pounds. Detachable, height-adjustable mount plates are compatible with VESA mount holes 75×75 and 100x100mm.

Because both choices are accessible in the stand, you may simply mount it with a C clamp or a grommet. If you want, the stand arms may extend and retract by 15 degrees, tilt by 90 degrees, and swivel by 360 degrees from landscape to portrait mode. On a 31.5-inch height pole, the arm is simply adjusted. Because it is technically keeping your triple monitor configuration in the air, it enables you to utilize practically every inch of the desk. So you can store your office supplies like notepads, pencils, staplers, and books on your desk, as well as gaming equipment like Xbox, mouse, keyboard, and anything else you desire.

The integrated cable management system also keeps your desk tidy and professional-looking by preventing cable clutter. 1 triple monitor mount, 1 mounting hardware kit, and a user manual are included in the WALI triple monitor package. If you are looking for a monitor stand for use beyond sim racing, then this might be a good choice.

VIVO Black Triple Monitor Stand

VIVO Black Triple Monitor Mount Freestanding Desk Stand with Glass Base, Heavy Duty Fully...
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A solid functioning monitor stand may not always have a fantastic design, but VIVO’s triple monitor stand is the right blend of sturdiness and style. This sturdy device’s high-quality steel and aluminum structure allows it to effortlessly handle three monitors, with each arm sustaining a whopping 22 pounds of weight.

The arms are completely adjustable, with a +-90 degree tilt, 180-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation for the ideal reading and viewing angle. The VIVO stand is intended to hold monitors with VESA 75×75 or 100x100mm mounting holes ranging from 13 to 24 inches. The VESA plates may be readily removed, making installation simple and fast. The stand provides beautiful and ideal support for your displays, with cushioning on the bottom to protect the table’s surface from scratches. While you work, the bottom support keeps the displays steady and secure. The VIVO Black monitor stand is built of high-quality steel and aluminum, making it both solid and long-lasting.

The integrated cable management system hides all of the cords and keeps the desk looking neat and tidy. This makes the monitor stand ideal beyond sim racing use. The triple monitor mount is intended to provide you with the most room on your desk to keep your mouse, keyboard, documents, books, mobile phone, and other office and work supplies tidy. An instruction manual, a stand, and the necessary hardware are included in the box.

WALI Free-Standing Triple Monitor Stand

WALI Free Standing Triple LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount Fits 3 Screens up to 27...
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As the name implies, the freestanding triple monitor stand is the most convenient solution for triple monitor users. It ensures that all three displays are perfectly aligned at all times.

Most LCD, LED flat-screen TVs and monitors up to 24″ are supported by the WALI free-standing triple monitor stand. Each arm can hold up to 22 pounds of weight. The mount plates are removable, height-adjustable, and VESA 75×75 or 100x100mm compatible. The stand has a two-stage lock mechanism, a C clamp, and a 4″ diameter grommet base that fits a desk that is 4 inches thick. The WALI free-standing monitor stand’s finest feature is that it can be installed on any desk without any complications.

The arm can be adjusted to a full 18″ height, the central monitor can be tilted +-45 degrees, the side monitors can be inclined +-90 degrees, and it can swivel to vary reading and viewing angles. It can rotate from landscape to portrait mode up to 360 degrees. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete the installation without the usage of any additional tools.

WALI’s adjustable monitor stand puts you in a comfortable, ergonomically right posture so you don’t strain your neck, eyes, or back. Homes, dormitories, schools, enterprises, and workplaces will all benefit from the durable design. It allows you to have a clutter-free workstation and enough room to handle your mouse, keyboard, notepads, sticky notes, ornamental plant, and any other office accessories you may have on your table. A WALI free-standing triple-monitor stand in black, mounting hardware, and a user manual are included in the package.

Buying Guide


If you can’t set the displays where you want them, no monitor stand is worth anything, and this is particularly true when it comes to sim racing. The most significant factors in this respect are the minimum and maximum heights, although adaptation to various monitor sizes and the ability to mount them at angles are also crucial in certain instances. Don’t be scared to use a measuring tape to make sure you know exactly what you need to buy!

Monitor Count

While we’re focusing on three-monitor stands for now, you may want to think about upgrading in the future. Some stands can accommodate up to seven monitors, so getting one now will save you time and money in the long run.


The stands in this list can all be used on their own, but some of them are also meant to be attached to racing rigs. While most cockpit builders include TV stands as standard equipment or offer them as an optional upgrade, each of the stands we’ve mentioned here may be utilized with the most simple or intricate configurations conceivable, making them perfect for individuals who desire the freedom and flexibility that comes with them.


How many monitors should you use for sim racing?

While the law of diminishing returns does apply at some point, we believe that most sim racers find a triple-monitor configuration to be the perfect balance of realism and affordability. We suggest checking to see whether your favorite sim or game supports multi-monitor setups, then exploring associated forums to see what your peers have to say about it.

Is a triple monitor arm worth it?

This will ultimately depend on your budget and whether or not you need a stand to hold three monitors. Simply said, if your racing setup just includes one or two monitors, a triple monitor arm is unnecessary, and you should instead go for a single or twin stand. A triple monitor stand, on the other hand, is definitely your best choice if you need to attach three displays. They may provide a safe and secure manner of keeping your displays in the appropriate spot, while also being very adaptable if you want to change your setup, much like the other things on our list.

What features should you look for in triple monitor arms?

To begin, consider the kind of stand, which may be free-standing, grommet-mounted (using drilled holes and screws), or clamp-mounted. Make sure you’re choosing the appropriate mounting for your workstation.

Also, depending on your screen, keep an eye out for the arm type, which may range from curved to flat. Some arms, like the majority of the items on our list, utilize gas springs to allow for quick adjustments without the need to remove or tighten any fasteners.

What does VESA mean?

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. The group has established a set of specified hole designs for mounting that are followed by most TV and monitor manufacturers. This implies that each arm of a monitor stand will be drilled with mounting holes that correspond to VESA spacing, making it easy to connect your monitors with little equipment.

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