Where to Find The Best Setups for iRacing ?

Where to Find The Best Setups for iRacing ?

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iRacing enjoys a huge surge in popularity relative to other titles thanks to its unique gameplay. The game strives to simulate racing at its purest form and even follows the rules of conduct enforced on real auto sporting events. In this handy guide, we’ve included some of the best places to get free iRacing setups as well as paid configurations made by professionals in order to help you find the perfect setup according to your driving style.

Best iRacing setups

One of the unique features of iRacing is the ability to completely configure your racing cockpit. This means that a proper setup can be the difference between a few tenths of a second and winning the race or spending your time at the back of the grid. As such, creating a custom car setup on your own can be a daunting task which is why a lot of sim racers depend on pre-configured setups to focus more on their actual performance.

Where do I find free or paid iRacing setups?

Even if you’re a first-time sim racer of the game, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to buy paid setups. Paid setups are there to make it convenient for you so you don’t have to create your own so you can play right away. There are a lot of setup shops and coaching websites found on the internet that offers a professional and affordable iRacing setup which we will be breaking down below. If you’re a veteran sim racer meanwhile, there are also great resources online you can find for free created by hobbyists and the iRacing community that allows you to test, tweak, and save various creations for your own personal use.

List of Free and/or Paid iRacing Setups

(FREE) iRacing Setup Sync


One of the most popular free iRacing setups today is the Setup Sync by Nick Thissen. The software’s main purpose is to automate most of the tedious work of locating, saving, and modifying your setups. It has a large database of up to 1,000 setups primarily made by Setup Sync users themselves that are shared in the iRacing forums. You’ll be able to individually search setups by car, track, or team and download the ones you like on the app.

The platform is totally free, making it a great starting tool for most gamers. You can even upload your own setup and share it with the community. The only drawback of the Setup Sync is that the qualities of the setup aren’t always guaranteed when compared to professional setups.

(FREE) iRacing Baseline Setups and Community


When launching iRacing, you’ll find an “iRacing Setups” tab where you can find free setups especially when it’s your first time to try the game out. There are many basic setups created by iRacing itself so you can immediately get into your cockpit and start driving. The baseline setups allow you to test, modify, and create your own versions to accommodate your driving style.

The iRacing member forum also has a lot of hardcore drivers who share their own setups for free. They sometimes share their setups within the iRacing forum but it’s generally a hit or miss when it comes to setups coming from these sources.

(FREE) + (PAID) Virtual Racing School

Virtual Racing School (VRS) offers a wide range of data packs including weekly tutorials, ghost laps, hot laps, lap data, and setups that are available for free or in the form of a monthly subscription. The free data packs have smaller access to iRacing setups but still provide you with a ton of high-quality content for beginner and casual drivers. There are 2 packages available for their paid subscription model consisting of $5/month for the mid-tier pack and $10 which gives you unlimited data across all cars along with additional perks such as training and coaching.

(FREE) Setups4i.Racing


iRacing enthusiast Tanner McCollough created the Setups4i.Racing as a free option for sim racers to download within a massive list of setups on his Google Drive. He also has a discord to discuss the different setups available and is very active in helping the community thrive.

(PAID) Craig’s Setup Shop


Craig’s Setup shop is a highly popular subscription-based app within the iRacing community due to its all-access content on consistent and high-quality setups. It was created by veteran sim racer and setup engineer for G2 Esports Craig A. Williams. You can get all the setups for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee or you can just subscribe to Craig’s Twitch profile: https://www.twitch.tv/craigawilliams so you can also have access to the setups for free.

(FREE) + (PAID) Majors Garage


Majors Garage offers free setups that are already available directly from iRacing and tweaks them to be a bit better than the default setup. Majors Garage aims for beginners and casual users to have an optimized setup instead of a faster one for you to take the necessary steps to develop your game. Majors Garage is also highly recommended within the iRacing community due to this approach as it’s very helpful to make you step up your game and take it to the next level.

Majors Garage also has premium setups you can get for a fee which includes a variety of perks such as ghost lap files, telemetry data, qualifying setup, as well as optimized race setup. Majors Garage also offers subscriptions if you wish to have access to all setups instead of buying them individually like other paid iRacing setup software.

(PAID) Coach Dave Academy


David Perel, aka Coach Dave, is known within the community for being a professional GT race car driver. He competes worldwide under Ferrari and created the Coach Dave Academy for sim racers with GT cars in particular as his expertise. Coach Dave originally started on Assetto Corsa Competizione setups before moving on to iRacing. Both of these were highly received by sim racers due to the quality of professional setups making it a highly recommended software for gamers who don’t mind paying a fee.

Coach Dave Academy shares the same subscription model as other paid setups on the list for you to have access to all iRacing car setup and data packs available. It’s a great option if you like switching between different cars or series during gameplay. As an alternative, you can get the entire season for a single car as an individual purchase if you’re on a budget. Whatever option you choose, the large amount of perks such as car setup files, Motec data files, as well as a full replay availability makes this a fantastic option for a lot of sim racers.


Having a setup that you’re really familiar with and can depend on is essential if you want to win in iRacing. As it’s an extremely competitive sim racing game, a good car setup is one of the main differences between winning and losing. As such, doing your research and going for the setup that’s right for you is important for you to have what it takes to stay ahead of the pack. The free and paid iRacing setups we’ve provided in this article should be helpful in your quest to improve your performance. What are you waiting for? Check them all out now!

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