Why are Sim Racing Wheels so expensive?

Why are Sim Racing Wheels so expensive?

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The technology in today’s sim racing games is so advanced that it gives us the feeling of driving an actual race car on a real race track even though we are in the comfort of our homes. This is why there are a lot of gamers, including me, that have become interested in the world of sim racing. The problem is, aside from the console or the gaming pc itself, you are also going to need some accessories like a good sim racing wheel to fully experience a sim racing game.

Why are sim racing wheels so expensive?

The high prices of sim racing wheels are due to the quality of materials and the kind of technology that is used. Sim racing wheels that have a more competitive force feedback technology usually have a more expensive price. The added features of a racing wheel that would bring more realism and immersion also contribute to its price. The best way in choosing what to buy is first, set a budget, then look for the features of a racing wheel that is within your budget but would suit your playstyle.

What makes sim racing wheels pricey?

One factor that affects the price of sim racing wheels is the force feedback technology. This technology is used to provide a realistic driving experience. The better simulation performance a sim racing wheel could provide, the more expensive it would be. The type of materials used also adds up to the price of a sim racing wheel. The type of leather or fabric is an essential factor in sim racing wheels. Reputable brands offer high-quality leather or fabric to ensure a comfortable feeling while playing.

What are the different kinds of sim racing wheels?

The early forms of sim racing wheels use gears to create force feedback to the player. Gear-driven wheels are not as accurate as other types of racing wheels in terms of force feedback because the system within these racing wheels is not that strong and quick to operate. However, it is a good option if you are just trying to have an entry-level type of sim racing wheel as it is much cheaper than the other types.

Another type of racing wheel is the belt-driven wheel. Belt-driven wheels use a system of pulleys and belts that supports the motor, creating much smoother force feedback than gear-driven wheels. This type of wheel is more responsive to the game inputs which helps provide a more accurate feeling to the player. This type of wheel is considered by some as the standard wheel for sim racing as it provides a good gaming experience and has a fair price as well. 

Last but not the least, is the direct-driven wheel. This is the latest technology used in today’s sim racing wheels and is considered the most superior because of its realistic force feedback. This type of wheel uses larger and stronger motors, making an astounding response to in-game details through the wheels. As it is the top-tier sim racing wheel, it is also the most expensive. The price of a direct-driven wheel usually starts at $1000.

Are sim racing wheels worth it?

Using a sim racing wheel in-game is definitely worth it! It could give a boost to your gaming experience. If it is within your budget, buying belt-driven or direct-driven wheels would even be better as it approximates real-world driving to a great degree.  

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