How do you increase consistency in Sim Racing?

How do you increase consistency in Sim Racing?

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Consistency in sim racing is very important as it should enable you to get ahead of your competition. It allows you to gain racing positions when your competition either drops out of the race owing to overconfidence or via accidents caused by poor decision-making. Being quick on the racetrack is vital, but consistency is one of the most critical criteria in winning races. So, how can you increase your sim racing consistency?

How do you increase consistency in sim racing?

Consistency is made up of the appropriate mix of braking, turning, and accelerating. Isn’t it rather straightforward? Yes and no. Performing all of those things at the correct time and in the right location is what will give you consistent lap times.

To begin, you must identify your braking point. To take a bend at the limit, you must brake at the appropriate position and the right moment. There are other methods for determining when to brake, but the most popular is to locate a braking position before reaching your turning point. Your braking point is governed by factors such as response time, setup, brake bias, brake temperature, tire temperature, and so on. The aim is to determine the best time and spot to brake and to utilize the same braking point from lap to lap.

The next step is to examine your lifting zone. A lifting zone is utilized when a curve or sequence of bends does not need the use of brakes, but just a brief lift off the throttle to shift the weight of the vehicle to the front and make the back of the car lighter in order to induce some oversteer. You may sometimes cause additional oversteer with a fast tap on the brakes. The notion is similar to braking points, but now you must determine when to spin the wheel to reach the apex of a bend.

A throttle zone, also known as a throttle point, is where you will begin accelerating out of a turn. It doesn’t mean you’ll go full throttle right away, it just means you’ll start accelerating based on the available grip. Going too hard on the gas in one turn may wreak havoc on your lap time and consistency. Following these consistency tips can help you improve your lap times and your overall sim racing experience.

Why are consistent lap times important?

Consistent lap times and meticulous vehicle placement will propel your sim racing to new heights. This is in addition to causing major challenges and dilemmas for your opponents. A lot of sim racing drivers may be faster on a particular day in a certain vehicle due to their brilliant thinking, outstanding car positioning, and overall consistency. Even after you have passed these drivers, there is always the possibility that they may re-pass you, either by using your draft or by outwitting you in your mirrors. You may be wondering what this has to do with consistency at this point.

With consistency comes the ability to think about other things while laying down lap times. The constancy of your lap timings enables you to plot your assault on drivers ahead of you while simultaneously focusing on getting your vehicle in the right position to prevent other drivers from overtaking you. Because you can regularly lap at the same speed as a result of practice and driving slightly under the limit, your mind can focus on racing rather than lapping. Your stop spots, acceleration zones, and track knowledge are implanted in your head, allowing you to race to your full ability.

How can I improve my consistency in sim racing?

Allowing your mind to be free of the mundane aspects of sim racing, such as braking, accelerating, and gear changes, allows you to focus on the mental side of sim racing. This, however, is the result of years and years of practice. The more time you can spend on track, continuously putting in lap after lap, the simpler it will be to get better sim racing outcomes.

When you initially start Assetto Corsa Competizione, the career mode drills consistency into you. You don’t have to be quick; all you have to do is be consistent. As long as you progressively increase your speed and can reach those apexes at the fastest possible speed, you will most likely advance up the places owing to other racers’ mistakes.

Another thing to always have is patience. If you are gaining ground on another racer and are quick enough to overtake them in the turn, it is often preferable and less hazardous to wait until the next straight. After all, if you don’t complete the race, you don’t get any points.

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