Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R Suede Review

Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R Suede Review

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For a lot of sim racing fans, looking for a quality steering wheel can be difficult. You need to research its overall build, quality, as well as the Force Feedback effects it provides in order to simulate real world driving. Fanatec has revolutionized how we look at gaming nowadays with their innovative racing wheels. They’re even used in a lot of eSports competitions due to their extensive functionalities. We’re here to review the Podium Porsche 911 GT3 R Suede in Fanatec’s line-up to answer all your lingering questions.

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The Porsche 911 GT3 R Suede steering wheel by Fanatec oozes pure luxury as well as incredible performance. It’s the ultimate wheel for your racing video games to give you the most authentic experience while playing at the comforts of your own home. This gaming peripheral is a full-scale replica of the actual Porsche 991 GT3 R wheel to simulate real world driving, making it a must-have for a lot of sim racing enthusiasts. It prominently displays a metal Porsche badge in a detailed 3D shape and weighs approximately 2193g. It’s based on the original CAD data that’s built with automotive grade quality in mind for an amazing feel and performance every time you play your favorite racing games.

The rim is made from anodized aluminum and is covered with genuine suede leather. It is 32cm in diameter for an authentic racecar feel. Fanatec recommends that gamers use a pair of gloves when racing with this steering wheel due to the nature of the suede leather. You can still play without one but it’s highly preferable to protect your hands as well as the integrity of the suede especially during long hours of play. The front plate meanwhile is created from real carbon fiber and internal metal reinforcements for maximum stability and durability. A lot of customers attest to the longevity of Fanatec steering wheels because of their high-quality construction, and this particular one is no stranger to praise.

The steering wheel of this Fanatec wheel has an integrated 2.7” OLED display for multiple outputs that’s fully customizable. This offers sim racers with enhanced display capabilities through its Intelligent Telemetry Mode (ITM). It has 5 different data layouts that you can trigger manually or automatically depending on the game you’re playing. There are multiple input types as well as RGB LED’s conveniently placed within the rim of the steering wheel. This setting lets you access and adjust Force Feedback effects with the Tuning Menu button whenever you please. The multiple inputs include 10 buttons, two 2-way toggle switches, a 2-axis analogue stick, as well as 12-position switches that you can configure as rotary encoders. There’s also a 7-way FunkySwitch for you to have a lot of control options at your fingertips.

Along with the steering wheel, buying this product comes with a bundled paddle system that features magnetic shifters and hall sensors. It’s one of the most authentic paddle systems available on the market right now that gives a sensational feel and performance when you’re neck and neck with the competition. The “click” of the paddles generates a solid and positive feel to your every shift. The system allows racers the ability to rapidly shift at will. The secondary paddles meanwhile can be regularly triggered with button inputs that you can map according to your preference. These dual clutch paddles have four different modes to choose from for versatility. You can choose the advanced clutch bite point mode, clutch-and-handbrake mode, brake-and-throttle mode, and mappable axis mode to cater to your every need.

The Podium Porsche 911 GT3 R Suede steering wheel is fully compatible with the PC and other platforms but the full functionality can only be guaranteed on the PC. Furthermore, compatibility may be game dependent. It also works on PS4 and the latest generation of PlayStation consoles but they’re subject to firmware as well as OS changes and developer support. The only drawback of this steering wheel is that it’s not compatible with Xbox consoles so you have to choose other Fanatec products if you’re on Microsoft’s hardware. It works on a lot of different wheel bases such as the PODIUM Wheel Base DD1, PODIUM Wheel Base DD2, PODIUM Racing Wheel F1, and ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5.

Overall, the price of the Porsche 911 GT3 R Suede is reasonable for what it provides but it still isn’t as affordable as other steering wheels out in the market today. This can put a lot of first time owners off. Fanatec products don’t come cheap because they’re basically the top of the line when it comes to giving gamers a new level of experience when playing their favorite racing video games. However, they’re a great investment for budding racing sim enthusiasts, and this steering wheel will surely be with you for a long time.

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